Trends in Short-Term Craps

With long-term craps play the house edge is benefited. But with short-term plays, the player gets the benefit if the player knows how to expolit the situation. And this calls for a reading on trends in short-term craps.

Trends in craps gives astounding profitability for short-term plays if the player is smart enough. Real-casino craps situations can offer good occasions for short-term players through some compromises from the house and the players. The casino uses the house edge to pay out winners. This house edge is collected over the long term, while players win profitably over the short term. So there's the compromise.

What's a craps trend? It is when a 7 very seldom has a sequence of a win to 5 lost games. When it does not happen like that (one win for every 5 lost)—and this is often the case—it's a trend. This kind of situation should be identified by smart players and taken advantage of. These are the opportunities that we have to exploit because in such trend anything can happen, depending on how we manage our play.

A short-term play can exploit craps trends very well, and it knows that the house edge does not really have any control on the opportunities that show so that winning becomes possible over the short term. Trends make for a win or loss, not odds. If a technique works particualrly during hot streaks and we use it on cold streaks, chances are, we lose, no matter what odds we have. If we opt for the Big Red Equals Big Buck tactic made for cold streaks, then suddenly the play becomes hot—going over the number of estimated rolls using a cycle of 7—we are likely to lose.

Taking advantage of trends in short-term craps is to pair the right throwing and betting strategies for the right craps situations. And this all depends on how we read a craps table or the present play at a table. The opportunities for a win are all at hand, we simply have to identify them. If the play at the table is aggressive and streaks come hot, we join in for the short term. Remember that streaks don't stay forever. They come for a time. So bet aggressive while the trend is hot on our side and quit with profits once the trend changes.

Trends in short-term craps can either go hot or cold. Either way, we should remember that trends, not odds, should influence our betting mindset.


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