The House Edge Trend in Craps

We always get intimidated by the so-called house edge whenever we play craps. Many players don't know what the casino edge really is, except that whatever play we have in craps the casino always ends up winner.

The question is often asked if we should value bets basing on the casino edge. Sometimes the casino edge becomes obvious in hot streaks in favor of it, but the house edge trend in craps should not affect the way we see our bet odds.

The house edge actually is what the casino gets each win. This doesn't mean that casinos have tampered the craps game so that every dice result will be in their favor. Hence, whenever a player wins, the house gets a certain percentage out of the win for its overhead operations and other expenses. And in this sense, the house edge is said to be successive or in a trend or streak.

The house edge or "vig" is an automatic feature of casino craps that secures the casino's profit whether players win or lose. Hence, when the Big Red bet has a hefty 16.67 percent for the house, and it happens each time a win on the Big Red happens so that it appears to be a house edge trend, it's a house mechanism for automatic profits.

So, let's say that a player's dumb enough to place a $1 bet on each of some 36 plays, having a 4 to 1 playing odds. If we win 6 times of the time (as we're likely to in craps) we win $24. Six dollars would be for re-investment. This would also mean that a bet of $36 ends up with only $30 because of the $24 and $6 earlier. The house edge gets $6, actually having 16.67 percent (.1666) if we divide this by the number of plays, which is 36. So there's our house edge trend.

Why does it seem like a trend? Because anyway we and other players profit in the game, the house always gets something each end of the game. Does the casino always win over us? No. The casino does not even play the game against us. With craps we play against the dice result using our dice result bet. We really play against the dice by using the dice, and when we win or lose, the house always wins—though it makes payouts.

Thus, the house edge trend in craps is a profit mechanism, not a casino play strategy.


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