Situational Craps and Craps Trends

The game of craps may be dice-oriented, but our edge is to realize that craps players ought to play according to craps situations and craps trends.

We, as the craps player, should use our judgment on the developing situation at the table to decide what the best strategy is at the present time. Random dice results mean every situation is unique and needs a progressive assessment each moment. In a way, all craps tactics are winning tactics with the right situation and timing, as all of them are also losing tactics, in the same sense.

Hence, most of the time, ready-made strategies applicable to any circumstances or craps trends are unrealistic tactics. Though at times the strategies or systems advocates would caution us on the context of the play and say that sometimes the tactics are ineffective. In such case, they say, bankroll management is always a sure supplement, along with certain hit strategies and bet sequences.

Yet the best strategy in situational plays where different craps trends emerge is the way we see and figure out the situation. Most times, the trap in many ready-made and ready-to-use craps strategies is that we fall slave to them, mechanically doing what they prescribe to the letter, as if the dice issue mechanical results, too. The dice and the player have one thing in common: they both can have unexpected results. Both may exhibit some trends initially but they often end up with sudden changes.

Situations may yield positive and negative trends, and because of this craps can be played onto the next level. Reading a craps play at a particular table is a necessity with this approach and takes precedence over strategies and winning odds. Play strategies are important, and so are assessing bet odds, and all these can be taken together in a new perspective. Rather than blindly affixed to strategy and odds theories, we put everything in the context of the current reading we have of a craps play.

It's easy to leave everything to fate as ready-made strategies would have it, and credit a win or lose on the same. But if we choose to play realistically based on how we read a specific craps play, we take a radical step and pay a dear price—the price of going against long held traditional beliefs on the power of ready-made strategies and house odds.

We rely on situational craps trends and how we see them. This compares well with dice unpredictability.


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