Pre-Determining Craps Trends

Trends are inevitable in craps. Various people interpret them in various ways. Some deny the existence of craps trends or streaks, some take note of them but deny any meaning in them, a few take them seriously.

But trends do occur. For sure, the dice do not decide the phenomenon of trends, neither does the craps table or game, nor the casino—so we cannot directly or indirectly blame the casino edge on the existence of trends. Yet, all we have to do is open our eyes to see that many times streaks or the succession of similar results do happen in craps. We may opt to just passively surrender to the trends' whims or we may opt to use them to our advantage.

Players sometimes have the ability to control their dice throwing. When a player is a systematic or rhythmic shooter, craps trends may happen at will more accurately and frequently. But even this skill can only last for several throws. Body movement accuracy can only be precise for a while. Once factors like exhaustion and disruption influence the player the accuracy is affected. And not all players have good dice throwing control. Yet, many times, we see trends happening.

With the unpredictability even of when trends show up and end, we are faced with the problem of how to know when a dice result is beginning or ending a trend, especially when we are not the one shooting, or when the shooter happens to be a non-controller. The answer is pre-determining a result. Pre-determining takes a lot of practice to perfect, of course, and even experts on this miss periodically. But nothing in gambling can be assured 100 percent all the time, anyway. But we may sometimes be assured of certain results by using some techniques and empirical information.

In simple terms, pre-determining a craps dice result and trend are two things: observing the throw skill of the shooter, and observing the first few dice results. Some gambling bet progression systems use a 4-game succession factor to pick up on a trend. Combine this with dice throwing skill. The theory says that within 4 successive games a trend is bound to appear and often lasts 3 to 4 times. At times, all we have to do is open wide our eyes and note an emerging trend. Then we bet accordingly. An abrupt change in the result often means an end of the trend.

There is one way of detecting craps trends—be pre-determining them.


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