How to Explore Craps Trends

Due to multiple betting possibilities in craps, there are more than one ways to win at it. Thus, the wining chances may seem high. But this may also mean easy losing because of the various ways of losing. So a smart play considers seriously the bankroll limits, strategy, and craps trends.

Before anything else, decide the table and betting caps we must observe during the game and make sure to stick with them. If we are tempted to deviate from these limits threaten ourselves to simply quit. Any strategy and trend analysis that does not subscribe to a rigid bankroll management and a policy of knowing when to quit (short-term plays in craps are effective) are useless.

Gathering information from fellow players in craps helps us build a developing trend at a table, especially when we have just arrived. Chatting in casino craps is permissible and other players will just be too willing to share what has transpired so far in the game at the table. We can then gather information on the shooters, the roll results, and the betting atmosphere. Even if we have a good idea of an emerging craps trend, we must always start with the minimum wager. When a win happens then we progressively increase from that. Always go back to minimum on hitting a loss.

As we observe the emerging trend, we take care to risk only money won at the table. This is how we secure profits and protect our bankroll. Trends are bound to suddenly be cut off and a new trend would emerge. The transition is what we must be careful of. Hence, the disciplined bet strategy. We may choose to use progression of 4 bets and then go back to minimum, win or lose, after the fourth bet. This is another safeguard against abrupt trend transitions.

Trends are also better explored when we put shooters side by side of the overall picture. Good shooters with sleigh o hand control of the dice can be trend setters at the table. Thus, we may plan in advance when we chance upon good shooters. With good dice controllers, we may wager on the Pass Line. Our bets add to the shooter's morale and better performance. The reverse scenario would have us wagering on the Don't Pass. Fields are a no-no. Losing numbers 5, 6, 7, and 8 are apt to be rolled numbers.

Craps trends are better explored to know more of their various aspects.


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