Flowing With and Going Against a Craps Trend

At first glance it would be difficult to win at craps. We're always at the mercy of the dice, aside from worrying about the house edge. But there are ways to take advantage of a craps trend.

Trends are successive dice result patterns or win or lose streaks that occur in the game. Trends occur about 30 percent of the dice throws. Then they may recur 10 percent of the games. The remaining sixty percent the dice results are extremely unpredictable and may suddenly breakout into another trend. We must combine bankroll management and a strategy for the next emerging trend.

There are two things to react to a trend—flow with it or go contrary. When there's a certain trend we go with it or "buck it" and bet accordingly. Or, we may choose to bet contrary from the previous result ending a craps trend. When the table is somewhat choppy—with differing trends—the last recourse may be a wise decision. But there's also a gentler strategy of going as the dice directs; we go we the trend. This is the more convenient reaction to a craps trend.

An example of flowing with the trend is a conventional flat bet on the Pass Line or a flat bet on the Don't Pass. The same with the Come and Don't Come. The simple procedure here is to wager as the previous wager in the last dice result to merely continue with the flow. Following the second to the last decision is a variant. Some often place a progressive betting strategy somewhere here in the tradition of the Fibonacci number system or the Paroli betting system.

But number systems tend to be less effective with the Pass or Don't Pass and the Come or Don't Come wagers because the dice mostly rules here. It's better to rely on gut instinct. If we don't feel like flowing with the flat bets then we may flow with the place bets. We do place bets in favor of the six or else the eight. Such bets merely have a house advantage higher than a fraction of 1 percent compared to the flat bet.

But we must remember that place bets put our money immediately on the line—especially if we end up with a point 7. Imagine what happens to the bankroll then. But we always have the option to either go with the craps trend or bet against it by a different wager than the previous one.


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