Dealing with Seven-Out Trends

Anything can happen with a seven out. In fact, some say it's one of the most exciting dice results to have in craps—especially seven-out trends.

Seven is the most likely sum total that a dice throw would result to. Hence, if we have nothing against it, we can very well turn a seven-out into an advantageous seven-in. If we really look at it, there can be no losing dice result in a pair of dice. "Losing" numbers are all in the mind. And this goes for the number 7, especially. In fact, there's a high probability that most of the time the throw results of a dice pair would often be a 7.

Hence, we may reverse our craps mindset and begin to think that 7 is actually one of the best wagers under ordinary craps situation. Here's what we can do to exploit seven-out trends. First, of course, is to bet on the Pass Line in a come-out roll. The win pays fair odds.

When a come-out roll happens it is best to do a come-box. This has even odds payout. But when a come-out happens, we bet on the Don't Pass Line. This has even odds payout. Don't make a bet-come after hitting a place number. Wager on the Don't Pass Line when a come-out roll happens, like when numbers 4 and 10 (1-2 chances), 5 and 9 (2-3 chances) and 6 and 8 (5-6 chances).

Bet on don't-come after a place number. Lay wagers are good as the opportunity comes with a 5 percent lay fee to get the true odds over wagers producing some $20 or higher. Also bet on 7 or the Big Red: the odds are 4 to 1. Another bet at the table that is more profitable than even chances for a seven is when we have the 3 way 7. This is also referred to as Hop bet. For one winning combination it has a payout of 15 to 1.

When the 7 appears in a dice result, the Big Bet has the highest win for our gambling money. If a 7 is rolled in a come-out roll and bets are placed on Lay 4 and the Pass Line, $40 on Lay 4 gives $19, and $20 on Pass Line gives $20. But 7 with Big Red, with a mere $5, will give $20.

Seven-out trends will result to a good play. We just have the right win strategy and mindset.


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