Craps Trends with Rythmic Rollers

Since dice are unpredictable and follows no patterns as a coin flip does, we can be sure that dice trends are also like natured. Therefore, dice or craps trends often do not have meanings because we cannot formulate generalizations or conclusions out of them. Each dice is independent of the previous or next one, though they may often come out in trends.

Well, that is, except when the thrower is a rhythmic roller.

Craps trends derived from the controlled throws of a rhythmic roller is a different story. This is when craps trends begin to make sense and have meaning. Rythmic rollers are skilled dice controllers that have developed the knack for almost accurately influencing dice results at will. They have mastered the keys to dice control: right dice position, body motion control, right grip, right posture, gentle release, and right bounce on the table.

Rythmic rollers have the ability to establish rolls. This means they can choose to hit a number several times at will, establishing such hit numbers. If a player does this, the player can be a trend setter at the table. Only with these people can carps trends emerging have any meaning. We can then relate the previous, present, and future dice results, or the previous trend to the present and future trends—as long as we're talking of the same rhythmic shooter.

Trends by one rhythmic roller cannot be linked or related to the next player, no matter if the next shooter is somewhat as good or better. We have to consider that each skill is unique from the rest and each skill is motivated differently. The rhythmic rolling of one player cannot be transferred to the next. But we can observe what they're doing and flow with their designs. But there's often a problem here.

A rhythmic roller often concentrates on the rolling than on the betting. Most likely, to be able to focus on the precise roll result, the player would just leave luck to the Pass Line. If we flow with this player's play, we would be stuck with the Pass Line, too. So the best option here is to study the trend of the player's throw and base our bets on the emerging craps trend according to the player's roll results.

So if we note that a rhythmic roller tends to hit a number frequently, we take the cue and bet on it, direct or Come. Such craps trends are mostly reliable and should be grabbed.


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