Bet Progression and Craps Trends

The best way to exploit craps trends is to use bet progressions with them along with common sense. With the combination of these three, how can we not win?

First, we learn how to recognize a trend when one starts appearing. Trends can just appear out of the blue when we're talking of dice results, but most trends are skill instigated by a good dice thrower who is able to manipulate dice results at will. Once we learn about this, we couple it with bet progression. A good trend usually happens in 3 to 4 dice throws. With good timing (betting progressively as a trend is starting) we bet in progression while a winning trend is hot, but we estimate the progression only within 3 to 4 bets, more or less. We stop once a loss hits. This is common sense.

It is wise to remember that craps is successfully played on short terms. If we play long-term we better be good at tapping potential craps trends or else all wins would be wiped out, including what remains of our meager bankroll. Basically, we can spot an on-going hot trend by the mood of players at a table. Often, a hot table has excited and noisy players. Go there and see the successive hits on specific winning numbers.

When the winning streak happens on multiple hits on two or three numbers we bet with the person who's being favored by such at that moment in time, but we bet progressively. Most times, lucky shooters like this never have the sense to take advantage of the trend by aggressive betting—they just want to maintain the trend and keep up with the skill but make mere flat and scared bets.

Hot streaks don't last. Many players fail to understand that we must strike the iron while it is hot, but irons are not meant to be hot forever. The short length of time the winning streaks appear should be taken advantage of—we bet progressively—but bet progression ought not to be abused. Let's say that a hot streak appears 3 times in a row. We bet a dollar on a throw. The throw came out hitting what we bet on. The second time, we bet with $2. The throw hit it again. This time, we become aware of a trend. We bet $4. If it hits again, we have $8.

Betting progression is a good strategy while winning craps trends appear.


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