A Craps Trends Analysis

Craps is a dice game. Everything hinges on the dice result. But one of the things we ought to also understand is craps trends.

How can a craps trend benefit us more? It is useless to just note of trends if we don't know how to benefit from them to the maximum. Of course, we bet on them to benefit from them. Some would dare try betting progressions on them, which is also good. But to know more on how we can be benefited by them we need to see closely what they are.

A craps table can either be having a hot or a cold streak. A hot streak means dice shooting is going well according to our plans—we're winning our bets. A cold streak is the other way around. A table can also be said to be "choppy." Choppy tables are when plays go win and then lose the next moment, and then win again, and so on. No trend seems to be apparent because of the sudden changes of the dice results—and this in itself is a trend.

Cold trends or streaks also mean the house is winning, not because it is also playing and betting in craps, but because win or lose the house has a certain edge—at least it has a dollar win somewhere in the bets. When a shooter keeps hitting seven outs the player is crapping and keeping our bets cold. This is a trend we must keep away from. Trends like this ought to tell us to quit and look for other tables to play in, or quit altogether. Some bad trends can go on for a day.

Although trends do appear and we cannot deny this, many times they have no meaning. Trends can either be stimulated or flaccid. Stimulated trends are triggered by previous results that are connected. They establish a relationship that lead to a certain direction or outcome. Flaccid or lifeless craps trends are results that appear randomly and seem to follow no definite order or previous precedence. All of nature, in fact, has this randomness. But such randomness also appears in some pattern that others are still trying to figure out.

The important point in all this is to catch a perceived trend. It's not important how the trend is emerging, but that one is emerging. And we must take advantage of perceived craps trends if we are to win in the game.


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